Direct tasking and downlink from the Skybox Imaging constellation



A SkyNode is a compact system comprised of a 2.4 meter communications antenna and two racks of supporting equipment that gives you control of the Skybox constellation for your mission critical needs. From scheduling, tasking, imaging, and downlink, to image and video processing, a SkyNode includes a complete suite of easy-to-use applications that help you and your organization get the right image at the right time.

  1. 1 Receive collection requests from end users

  2. 2 Reserve one or more Access Windows

  3. 3 Plan your collections across the constellation

  4. 4 Uplink commands from the SkyNode to the satellites. Downlink imagery and video from the satellites to the SkyNode.

  5. 5 Process imagery and video in as little as 20 minutes

  6. 6 Deliver products to end users

Applications We Serve

Image for Agriculture Health Monitoring Image for Humanitarian Aid Image for Insurance Modeling Image for Oil Storage Monitoring Image for Natural Disaster Response Image for Oil & Gas Infrastructure Monitoring Image for Financial Trading Intelligence Image for Mining Operations Monitoring Image for Carbon Monitoring Image for Maritime Monitoring
Agriculture Health Monitoring
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Monitor crop health and forecast crop yields with timely sub-meter imagery.

Identify pest infestation and plan irrigation levels to augment your precision agriculture techniques.
Humanitarian Aid
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Monitor refugee movements and infrastructure development in conflict areas to aid humanitarian efforts.
Insurance Modeling
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Inform risk exposure models to increase efficiency and profitability.

Frequently monitor high value assets for change.
Oil Storage Monitoring
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Monitor oil storage containers with sub-meter imagery for changes in volumes to inform commodity trading decisions.
Natural Disaster Response
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Aid first responders in rescue coordination.

Monitor long-term recovery and relief efforts.
Oil & Gas Infrastructure Monitoring
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Explore potential sites or monitor existing property and infrastructure for safety and security.

Detect the intrusion of vehicles, new construction, or vegetation on pipeline corridors.
Financial Trading Intelligence
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Access proprietary information to make more informed and competitive investment decisions.

Identify changes in relevant metrics like the number of cars in a retailer's parking lot or size of stockpiles of natural resources in ports.
Mining Operations Monitoring
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Explore new sites or monitor ongoing projects.

Identify specific rock topologies and geological structures associated with mineralized areas.

Obtain up to date imagery for evacuation planning.
Carbon Monitoring
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Create reliable carbon stock baselines and improve land cover maps.

Maritime Monitoring
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Monitor ships entering and exiting ports with HD video to inform supply chain optimization decisions.

Validate AIS data and analyze container activity in ports.

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